Sellosity 101: Review & Report

What is Sellosity?

Sellosity has been gaining popularity in the eCommerce segment. It is an all new self-hosted eCommerce platform. It is a smart commerce platform built on a stable framework which powers more than one million stores. This constitutes almost 37% of all available online stores which is also thrice the amount of that served by its nearest competitors.

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Why Sellosity?

Many other eCommerce platforms come with heavy charges. You would have to spend a lot every month for even some basic features. As if that is not enough, you would be paying hundreds of dollars for added features and apps. This means you would be burning a huge hole in your pocket even before you establish and make profits from your business.

This is where Sellosity stands out. The features offered by this platform are some of the best in its class, not to mention they are also the best value for money. The retailer gets a great site worth every penny paid. The costs are also highly competitive in comparison with other eCommerce platforms of its caliber. Their platform has all the features and the apps built in and they are highly customizable.

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Sellosity reviews for the retailers:

If you are a retailer, here are a few ways in which Sellosity can make your work easy. These are the reasons you would want to consider creating a store with Sellosity or migrating to Sellosity from your existing platform:

1. The dashboard that gives the stats of the site is very clear and informative. This gives the retailer a quick review of his site. The increase in the sales, predicted sales, the number of orders and trends can all be viewed from the Sellosity report.

2. Building a fully loaded store would take hardly a few hours. The time taken to add the products is also very less which means the store can get operational within the shortest time possible.

3. There is also an option to easily migrate an already existing store from a different platform to Sellosity in just a matter of minutes

4. You could migrate your stores from Amazon or EBay as well. Just imagine not having to deal with the tediousness of logging into one or both of these stores and running your business at their pace.

5. It takes just a few clicks to import dropship products from AliExpress. Having dabbled in eCom myself, this is a pain. As great as Oberlo is, the major problem I have is that it forces you to use Google Chrome. I do most of my work in other browsers since Chrome just eats up too many resources.

6. Sellosity also comes with fully integrated print-on-demand services. This is, in so many ways, a huge timesaver. PoD is a hassle to do, so anything that can make it easier is a plus in my book.

7. A Sellosity store is power-packed with features.

8. Editing products in a Sellosity store is simple and straightforward. Shopify for example, is somewhat user-unfriendly. KISS is the name of the game here.

9. The pre-optimized store can be built and launched with much less effort than that required with other platforms.

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10. Creation of product page is easy, even for variable products

11. It makes it easier to get the details of confirmed leads

12. The details gathered can then be used for follow-ups and abandoned cart conversion

13. This can further be used for integration with AdWords and social media marketing campaigns

14. There is also an option to automate trigger emails based on certain preferences.

15. You could include several payment methods. This is also another huge plus since many eCom platforms will charge extra or limit you on which payment options you wish to implement.

16. You can also include further upsells from the order page, which makes market bigger orders far, far easier.

17. Customers could then be easily directed to other product pages, from a funnel page or from a social media site, where they may be inclined to order more related products.

18. One page checkout option can be included to maximize sales and conversion rates. Who really wants to go through the hoops and hurdles of a checkout when your already parting with your hard erned cash?

19. The website also comes greatly optimized for SEO. SEO is a very important thing if you don’t want to be confined to paid advertising forever.

20. The Sellosity tool for marketing and integrated social media campaigns can make the marketing process easier for the retailer.

21.  The product page on Sellosity built stores! The product page can be fully optimized for higher conversion rates. The pages are mobile friendly. The product page comes with bigger buttons for buying or adding to the cart. This can significantly improve the conversion and drive sales. The page can also be customized with upsells and cross-sells as required. The retailer could list related and similar products on the page. All of these are preconfigured.

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For the social media driven sales:

The product page can be optimized for sale pages focused on social media sites. You could also include a scarcity meter, a timer, a button to claim discounts and do lots more to drive sales.

For focused funnel commerce:

Sellosity is one of the first platforms to provide both traditional commerce and focused funnel commerce in a single integrated platform. Building optimized sales pages can be done by the simple drag and drop method. There are a lot of templates to choose from as well. The order page could also be customized with timers, reviews and other factors that you might want to include. The billing page is again kept simple, but gathers all required information.

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Sellosity review for the customers purchasing from an online store:

If you are a customer making a purchase at an online store, here are few things you might like about a store built on Sellosity:

1. Choosing the product options is easy for variable products

2. The product page is easy to use and has an easily accessible and bold buying or adding to cart button

3. The easier checkout pages make the purchase process convenient, which saves you time.

4. The focused funnel upsell pages can display suitable recommendation and discounts. This makes the order placement even simpler and allows you to purchase products you never even dreamed of.

5. The inbuilt focus funnel campaign in the Sellosity sites makes sure that you get notified of the right product discounts.

Sellosity download and Sellosity bonuses:

Check out the Sellosity download page at their website for any available Sellosity discounts. When Sellosity launches, there is a huge possibility that it will sell out quickly.

Download Sellosity from the links on the Sellosity review page to claim special Sellosity bonus. If you enjoyed this Sellosity review, don’t forget to comment.

When you make a purchase of Sellosity from the sales page of their website, you would also receive Sellosity bonuses straight from the developer! The bonuses are pretty great indeed and will definitely help your eCommerce business grow and succeed.

Any new online retailer, who wishes to launch his shopping site, should consider downloading Sellosity. There are no hidden or extra charges for apps. All necessary features and apps come integrated into this platform. The amount spent includes Sellosity tips and training, and all other tools required. This makes it easy for the retailer to launch his website in minutes. For such less effort, the resulting website is highly competitive and productive. Go ahead and try it- you’ll stay with it!Go ahead and try it- you’ll stay with it!



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